At the start of the project, I knew that my goal for the final film was to focus most of my time purely on the animation. I didn’t want to get too caught up in modelling, rigging etc. Aside of animation however, I have really enjoyed the pre production stages of the film, more than I thought I would have. The in-depth researching into locations and narratives to designing and building the world and making props to go with it, has been a very exciting process.


Art directing the film has been one of my favourite roles. Figuring out ways to translate mood and messages into the texture, shape and colours was an inspiring process. The part I enjoyed the most was designing colour pallets and considering how each colour will affect the mood of the film. I have always had a love for colour and design, which is why I enjoy concept art so much. Perhaps this is an avenue of the animation world that I will consider exploring one day.



I am currently working into the bulk of the animation, which has been a very rewarding process so far. Seeing the horse come to life on the screen is the aspect of animation that has pushed me to work harder every day. Before beginning the animation, I needed to decide exactly what movement the horse would be doing at a particular time. I wanted to link the horse’s movement closely with the flow of the poem. To do this, I started off by defining a clear emotional arc in the poem. I then started to play around with variations of movement the horse could go through. For example, when the poem is slow the horse could be walking. Similarly, when the poem is hopeful, the horse could canter and gallop.

The poem and narrative as a whole is about freedom. That is the underlying theme of the film; I have reflected that in the continuousness of the vast landscape and the repetitive movement of the horse. The continuity is also reflected in the poem, which flows freely throughout the film from start to end. I thought the title of the film needed to reflect the theme, which is why I have called it Free Rein.



Continuity is something I wanted to play around with, which is why I plan to have a free flowing camera which pans around the horse in one camera movement from start to end. My tutor suggested that the film could be considered as a dance, one free flowing movement with music and narrative. Whilst making all of these decisions, I have to consider how it will affect the overall mood and feel of the film. By creating mood boards, studying reference and watching movies, I am constantly taking inspiration from various areas throughout the project to help me to shape my film.




Bancroft, T. (2013). Directing for animation.


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