I am finally finished with the animation, colouring and cleaning up. During this last week of the project, I am concentrating on the editing. Editing is new to me, I have little experience with After Effects. I have found it quite challenging, however with the help from Kevin I have been able to learn as I go along. I have also found AE a very helpful tool to help me animate my orb. I first started off drawing the orb frame by frame in Tv Paint. It was very time consuming and I was finding it hard to create a smooth path for the orb to follow. However with the help of AE, I have been able to create a smoother path for the orb to follow, this has resulted in quicker process too.

I am excited to see the film coming together, stitching the scenes up together in AE is a pleasing process. I am happy to see it finally coming together. I think over the summer I will make it my mission to learn after effects. I know it could really improve the finished look of my animation. I want to get to know the software more so that I can consider different looks for my future projects.

Heres a style frame of what the film is going to look like:


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