This week I have been concentrating on designing the backgrounds for each of my shots. I am realising more and more that background design and concept art is something I really enjoy. I have found it really interesting designing the backgrounds and creating little props and details to give it character. For my film, I have taken inspiration off Harry Potter settings. I find all of the films extremely magical and whimsical. I wanted to recreate this feel within my own film.

I wanted to inject a little bit of magic into the story line of my film. Initially, the first time I listened to the audio I was given, I wasn’t extremely excited by it. I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t a clear narrative. I was hoping for an audio that would take the audience on a journey.

However, after deconstructing the script of the audio and bouncing off ideas with my classmates. I realised that I had an opportunity to use my animation to bring the script to life.

Therefore with this notion in mind, I have tried my best to portray the story with a touch of magic. I really want to portray my subject’s story in the most interesting way possible. I think that the idea of injecting a little bit of magic into ordinary life, makes it that little bit more exciting.

Take a look at my background designs below:


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