Over the past few weeks I have been working on my first documentary animation. I have really enjoyed the process of seeing the film come together. Although it is only 1 minute long, the process has taken a lot longer than I expected it would.

With the tight deadline giving us only 4 weeks to animate, I have used 3 weeks to animate and 1 week to clean and colour. Looking back, I think I would have simplified the design of my film to just black and white. Using tones of grey is very time consuming, as I have to colour each animation frame by frame. Although, it is achieving the look I hoped to accomplish.

Yesterday I had a tutorial with Marie Maugaux, an animator from Moth animation in London. She really liked the story line of my film, as it simple, yet effective. I believe the simple story of my film has worked in my favour, as I have been able to concentrate on the character animation rather than trying to convey a complicated story.

I am now into my last week of animation, I am frantically trying to clean up my shots and colour them each day. However I am learning a lot from the process, and also learning more about my workflow. This will be really helpful for next year when I go onto my graduation film.


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