Nina Gantz is a Dutch animation film director currently based in Brighton. I came across Nina’s animation ‘Edmond’ whilst I was researching for my animator for the presentations. I had the pleasure of meeting Nina today and listening to her talk about her animation ‘Edmond’, and about her current projects. What initially drew me to her film ‘Edmond’, is the detail in the technique that she used. Edmond was created using woollen stop- motion puppetry, with hand drawn animation over laid over it to capture the features and expressions of each character.

Edmond, Nina Gantz

The film comes across as quite dark, as we are presented with a male who eats the other characters. However when speaking to Nina further, it was interesting to hear about what the intention behind the film was. Nina’s intention was to portray the idea that when you love someone so much, you feel as if you could eat them and become one.

The use of a mixed media technique is very striking. The combination of wool and 2D animation gives the film a handmade nostalgic feel. Using a simple colour pallet of grey, beige and pastel was successful aesthetically as none of the colours are over powering.

Which is similar to what I learnt about in last week’s art direction workshop, which taught us the significance of using harmonious colours. Additionally, the tutor emphasised the importance of using warm colour at the foreground and cool colour in the background. Which applies to Nina’s work as she uses cool colours in the background and warm colours for the puppet’s clothes. All of the colours balance well and compliment each other, creating a cohesive effect.

Edmond, Nina Gantz


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