Animation Research

Using Vimeo has been helpful to find a vast amount of films to think about for my presentation. I have found it difficult however to concentrate on a particular British animator. I feel as if I am constantly drawn towards Russian animators, mainly for the fact their animation seems to be based on old folklore, which I am fond of!

A particular animator who has taken my interest is Yuriy Norshteyn. I was influenced by his animated short ‘The Hedgehog in the Fog, during my BA degree. The designs of the hedgehog and the owl are beautifully made using a mix of techniques, which give the animation a scratchy archaic look. It also enhances the sense of mystery and obscurity to the animation.

Hedgehog in the Fog. (1975). [film] Directed by Y. Norshteyn. Moscow: Soyuzmultfilm.

Additionally, Italian stop motion animator Gianluca Maruotti took my interest. In particular, his film ‘Paper Plane’, which was made entirely by paper puppets. What makes the film so fascinating is the use of textures and lines he has used to make the characters come alive. It’s also interesting to think about how music can change the mood and feel of a film instantly. The use of dramatic music added to the intensity of the sad parts. I will consider this in my future animations.

Paper Planes. (2016). [film] Directed by G. Maruotti. Rome.


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