When reflecting on my process through term 1, I have to say I am very pleased with my progress so far.

I have attended the weekly live drawing sessions, which has been very helpful when considering the movement within my animations, but most of all it has helped me progress with my character designs. Looking back at my life drawings from week 1 and from last week, I am pleased to say there is a noticeable progression.

Week 1

Week 4

Week 7

Yesterday, we showed the class our short animations and character design we have been working on this term. I was pleased with the critical feedback I received from the tutors. I now know which area of my animation I need to improve on over Christmas, so that they are ready for the hand in in February.

I found the character design project very stimulating. Being able to let my imagination run wild and construct a life for my character was fascinating. I was pleased with how the colours looked when I brought the three life scenarios together on one page. I referred to the notes I made in the colour theory lecture, which stressed the importance of a minimal colour pallet. Which I can now see works visually well.

It was also helpful referring to the Stanislavski 7 steps, when constructing a life for my character. I was able to consider the inner and the outer inner fundamental characteristics, which helped me to consider how my character would act in certain situations. It enabled me to connect with my character, as if they were real.

I designed a character called Luna, who lives in a small northern town in Sweden called Kiruna.Luna is a compassionate character, who believes in Karma. Luna is a white witch, and spends most of her time collecting magic mushrooms for potions from the forest behind her cottage. Luna’s main motivation is to search for her family who mysteriously dissapeared when she was younger.

I chose to base Luna in Sweden mainly so I could build the character surrounded by nature. Kiruna is known for its vast sprawling forests, winter sports and arctic weather. I tried to reflect this element through items of her clothing and the minimal colour pallet I used of browns and oranges.

Character Design, Rhea Bowers

Overall, next term I want to challenge myself to be less precious with my drawings. I feel as if I am too cautious with my lines when animating, which makes me very stiff. I know that this is affecting the overall of energy of the pieces; they almost look a little flat.

I look forward to the challenges I am going to face next term!


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